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Does Mexican Food Fit Into A Balanced Diet?

More often than not, you must have heard dieticians and nutritionists add Mexican dishes to their client’s diets. This stands testament to the fact that Mexican cuisine has a lot more to offer than savory smells wafting from the kitchen. It is what adds the “balance” where there lacks one. Known for its flavor and spices, it is also renowned for vibrancy and creativity shown in plating, nourishment, and tradition.

When it comes to tradition, has one ever gone wrong? To keep this alive and kicking, El Molcajete restaurant is thebest place for authentic Mexican cuisine in Sanford, NC .We bring to you famous Mexican food which has staple ingredients like tomatoes, corn, and squash as well as chia seeds, pumpkin, and cactus. When we say pumpkin can be made tempting, we show you how it is done. Not just this, here are 10 Mexican foods with multifarious benefits that you wouldn’t want to miss.
When one thinks of Mexican food, one can never miss out on beans. Beans belong to the leguminous families that are associated with lowering cholesterol levels, and thus lowering risk related to cardiovascular diseases. They also help regulate insulin sensitivity and decrease postmeal sugar response to foods such as rice.
Chiles are loaded with vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin A. They also contribute to your daily vegetable intake. Whether it is jalapenos or mild poblanos, they also help in reducing LDL cholesterol levels.
Chia Seeds
Instagram reels, bloggers, and nutritionists, among so many other people in the health industry - all vouch for chia seeds. Use them in smoothies, dips, jams, or puddings, and you are good to go. They are anti-inflammatory and give a boost of fiber, calcium, and omega-3 fats.
Pumpkin Seeds
Along with chia seeds, if anything else has seen rapid usage, it is pumpkin seeds. Being a Mexican-origin food, it is a rich source of Vitamin A, which in turn promotes eye health.
The perfect autumn treat, pumpkins can be eaten year-round for the richness they offer. Use them in sauces, use their seeds, or give them a good mix, even a little spicing up goes a long way.
Corn Tortillas
While corn tortillas are rich in fiber, they also add calcium and reduce the levels of the compound that prevents the absorption of vitamin B3 in the body. Mexican culture cannot do without corn tortillas and so shouldn’t you.
An important spice in Mexican desserts and beverages, cinnamon does more than just wake your sense of smell. You can reduce blood sugar levels, keep yourself free from bloating and maintain triglyceride levels.
Unsweetened chocolate made from cacao beans is the best thing you can get yourself. It is rich in antioxidants and is an instant mood-uplifter. We have a secret to tell. Chocolate is not just used in desserts in Mexican cuisine, but also in a number of other dishes like sauces, and drinks.

Thus, the bottom line is that when you are craving something savory yet healthy,Mexican foodshould be your go-to. For those in Sanford, NC, all your needs are met at El Molcajete where we bring “farm to table” ingredients and curate a fresh, nutritious, and wholesome meal for you. Choose us for your next celebration and make it more beautiful than ever. 

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