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Those who love Mexican food would know that they must never settle for less. A truly delicious, authentic, and savoryMexican dishis an experience in itself. But do you know what this farm-to-table journey encapsulates? For starters, it is not a task that takes a few hours. It is a detailed, long and mastered piece of work.

The chefs that you see, especially the ones at El Molcajete Restaurant in Sanford, NC have understood each and every flavor, ingredient, and recipe before perfecting it. We believe in theoretical work completed to the tee, before practical execution. To keep our customers in the loop, here is a list of 5 key ingredients for Mexican cooking. Next time you order a meal with us, do ask us about them or try to identify them in your dishes.
Many of these ingredients belong to the country and must be stocked in your pantry before venturing into the art of authentic Mexican cuisine.
Dry Chillies
World over, dry chilies can oomph up any dish. In a similar manner, they are the essence of Mexican cooking. Compared to fresh ones, dried chilies get induced with flavor during the whole process of toasting, rehydrating, and putting together for topping marinade, or a stew. What makes them a favorite is that you can easily procure them from your nearby grocery store, and store them in an airtight container for up to a year.
Masa is the Spanish word for “dough”. Which dough, you ask? It is made from ground corn, steeped in water and alkali like slaked lime and wood ash. This process is called nixtamalization. This dough is a staple for mainly tortillas, but also many other Mexican dishes. This ingredient is also available easily at grocery stores.
Dried Beans
Beans are your best friends when it comes to Mexican cuisine. In every other thing, one finds that dried beans are the go-to. No matter what the dish, just toss in some garlic, and onion, add in some bay leaves for aroma and you are good to go. A secret we are letting out - dry beans enhance flavor manifold more than canned ones.
Rice in Mexican cuisine enjoys the main character’s energy as well as the side one to complement what is being served. Cook it in cinnamon water, add jasmine to it, and make burritos with it or simply use it to add color to your plate.
Dried Mexican Oregano
One thing that screams Mexican is this. Dried Mexican oregano is often used in meat dishes but one can add it to any other and give it a great mix. However, you must understand that while Italian oregano is slightly bitter, Mexican oregano is a bit more floral and adds sweetness to the food served.

This is a list of the requisite ingredients you must aim to have. With these as the basics, you can mix and match and give any food item the desired Mexican taste. They are easy to procure and have a long shelf life.

However, another suggestion - if you are looking forauthentic Mexican food in Sanford, NC, simply walk in through the doors of El Molcajete Restaurant and devour the food items on our long, interesting, and carefully curated menu. Why go through any hassle when you can get the best Mexican food made from the choicest and fresh ingredients at pocket-friendly prices?

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